About Play again.

Play again. was created at the start of 2019.

Formerly known as Childs Play. The name Play again. was inspired by the goal of bringing colour back into the world and encouraging the pursuit of our aspirations. If you love what you do then you never work a day in your life.

To me; doing what you love is the concept of playing.

I have always had an obsession with fashion and being able to work with colours. To me, I see the human body as a canvas to decorate with colours and patterns.

Growing up I found myself continuously finding clothing I wanted but would find myself being put off by the brand's design choices. I came to the decision that if I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for then I would just have to create it myself. Along with this; while growing up I found myself being more drawn to women's and children's patterns and colourways. I found myself being jealous they had the most eye-catching clothing.

As someone who has always loved art and self-expression; Play again. was created to bridge these gaps for myself and others, and to bring colour back into life.

Play again's designs and decorations were created by yours truly.

Never Grow Up.